Great reviews!

Posted by admin in Brickhouse Inn

The Brickhouse Inn B&B has passed the 700 review mark on TripAdvisor! It happened so quickly that we’re already up to 715 reviews. Of that total 88{d3da474d8bd0864fa8610f63bac1618ae5fd7ad84b33aac0efe7885332f2d7ff} are five stars (‘Excellent’) and 9{d3da474d8bd0864fa8610f63bac1618ae5fd7ad84b33aac0efe7885332f2d7ff} are four stars (‘Very Good’). That leaves 20 reviews (3{d3da474d8bd0864fa8610f63bac1618ae5fd7ad84b33aac0efe7885332f2d7ff}) that are average or lower.

We’re very grateful to all the guests who wrote the good reviews. It obviously takes time and effort to do it, so we really appreciate that. We are now trying to respond to all reviews, especially to thank the writers.