Six hundred reviews on TripAdvisor!

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The Brickhouse Inn B&B in Gettysburg, PA, now has 600 guest reviews on TripAdvisor, the premier travel site. Of these, 582 (97{d3da474d8bd0864fa8610f63bac1618ae5fd7ad84b33aac0efe7885332f2d7ff}) are ‘Excellent’ and ‘Very Good’, and we thank our guests who took the time to write the reviews. It’s good to know they enjoyed their stays. Eighteen reviews (3{d3da474d8bd0864fa8610f63bac1618ae5fd7ad84b33aac0efe7885332f2d7ff}) are ‘Average’ or less, and we’re sorry that these guests weren’t more satisfied. We will continue to strive to keep a high standard at the Inn.