The Gettysburg Walking Tour

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The Gettysburg Convention & Visitors Bureau recently launched its Gettysburg Walking Tour app for the iPhone. The aim is to give visitors, and residents, a way of ecperiencing the rich history of downtown Gettysburg.

The app highlights key landmarks and features voice-over narration as walkers make their way through the town. Sites include the Historic Gettysburg Train Station, the Globe Inn, the Hoke-Codori House, the Fahnstock House, and the residences of famous citizens (Jenny Wade, Thaddeus Stevens, and the Pierce, Garlach and Shriver families. It also includes sites and stories about President Lincoln’s visit to the town.

The app is free, and can be obtained through iTunes at

For your Walking Tour, stay at The Brickhouse Inn. Below is the historic c.1830 Welty House, which has six of our guest rooms. The south wall at the rear has many bullet scars from the Battle.