Breakfast Policy Change at the Brickhouse Inn

Starting January 1, 2023, we are deciding not to increase room rates for all guests to compensate for rising inflation and operating costs. Instead, breakfast will be available as a separate option for purchase at $18 per breakfast and not be included in the room rate.

Guests should have the freedom to choose whether they want to pay for breakfast, rather than forcing them to. Not everyone wants breakfast due to scheduling conflicts, dietary restrictions, or other factors.

Those who still wish to receive breakfast may still do so. This change will give guests more option and flexibility, cushioning the impact of rising costs due to inflation.

Why are we making this decision?

Prices increase periodically over time to keep pace with rising costs. In the last two years, we have experienced levels of inflation not experienced in over 40 years. Annual inflation was 8.2 percent for the 12 months ending September 2022 after rising 7 percent in the prior year. Food inflation was even higher.

Much of the inflation has resulted in increased energy, food, and labor costs – and we pride ourselves in paying our staff comfortably more than local market rates.

To cover the expenses of these increased costs, instead of raising the price for all reservations, we are maintaining the room price and separating the cost of breakfast, so it is paid only by those who choose to have breakfast. In short, in lieu of raising prices, we are separating the cost of breakfast.

Thank you for your time and understanding.

Note on Holiday Openings

We will be open during certain holidays that we used to be closed on before. These are Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, and Thanksgiving Day. However, while you may book a stay for these days, we will not have staff on site to provide breakfast or housekeeping services.