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From The Ashes Of Gettysburg’s Seminal History Grows A Festive Class Of Delightful Drinkeries

Join Us On A Leisurely Brew Tour Of The Town’s Most Distinguished Watering Holes

Over a million people a year make the trip to Gettysburg to take in the scholarly circuit of one of the country’s most significant battles. However, taking in such grave and eventful information can often work up quite a thirst. That’s why we offer a bar crawl of Gettysburg’s most popular pubs.

Why Take a Brewery Tour In Historic Gettysburg?

On our tour, you’ll have a chance to meet like-minded individuals who enjoy soaking up illustrious information nearly as much as they savor taking down a frosty beverage. Naturally,
Gettysburg radiates with legends from the Civil War and the various tavern proprietors have instilled the soul of the city into their drinking establishments.

Chances are you’ll learn a tale or two in these vintage alehouses that you missed out on the battlefields. Undoubtedly, you’ll get a feel for local life in Gettysburg, not to mention relishing in a
draft or five.

What Saloons Will We Visit On The Brew Tour?

  • Battlefield Brew Works: To begin, we’ll check in on the oldest brewery and distillery in all of Pennsylvania! Built in 1848, the Pennsylvania Dutch brick end barn is unlike any other drinkery you’ve ever visited.After all, how many bars were once a massive Confederate field hospital? The award winning establishment proudly serves aptly named suds like the Red Bayonet Ale, Jeremy’s Ghost, and the Smokin’ Barrel. Be sure to sample their exclusive cocktail and spirit menu. Where else will you find such specials as the Bullet Biter or their Burnt Bum Rum?!
  • Mason Dixon Distillery: Led by the father-son team of George & Yianni, these lifelong distillers made their home in a 100-year-old former furniture factory. The pair meticulously restored the antique building with inspiration from German Beer Halls while keeping the original wooden beams and adding evocative restored brick walls. All of their distinctive liquors are made on site using locally sourced ingredients when available. We also recommend taking a gander at their inventive outdoor heated igloos
    while in Gettysburg!
  • Ploughman Cider Taproom: Take a walk on the cider side with the Wenk family, who have worked the apple fields of Gettysburg for over 100 years! Their carefully curated orchards have produced the most incredible heirloom apples the world over. Their commitment to tradition tinged with a frontier man’s mentality of trying new things creates slightly new flavors every season. However, they never taint their ciders or fruit wines with any “engineered essences, flavors, or artificial nonsense.”
  • Tattered Flag Tap Room: This Veteran-owned establishment began as an idea in the mountains of Afghanistan and became a reality thanks to four graduates of nearby Susquenita High School. They focus on quality over quantity while still serving the hits. Try out their distinct New England IPA.
  • Fourscore Beer Co: Perhaps no pithy description describes Fourscore Beer Co. better than their flagship quote from Abraham Lincoln, “I AM A FIRM BELIEVER IN THE PEOPLE. IF GIVEN THE TRUTH, THEY CAN BE DEPENDED UPON TO MEET ANY NATIONAL CRISIS. THE GREAT POINT IS TO BRING THEM THE REAL FACTS, AND BEER.”

How Long Is The Brew Tour & How Much Time Do We Spend At
Each Location?

We will stay at each location for 15 minutes to 1 hour.  The tour will last approximately 2 hours.

$150 Person
9am – 945am
Gettysburg Small Group Battlefield Tour
10am – 1pm
Food Tour
130 – 330pm
Civil War Ghosts Tour
8 – 930pm
$150 Person
9am – 945am
Wonder Women The Battle of Gettysburg
11am – 1230pm
1245 – 130pm
Gettysburg Brewery & Distillery Tour
2 – 530pm