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Gettysburg Food Tour

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Join Us For a Foodie’s Fiesta Touring Gettysburg’s Most Distinguished Watering Holes

Over a million people a year make the trip to Gettysburg to take in the scholarly circuit of one of the country’s most significant battles. But did you know that this small historic gem boasts a collection of culinary delights that rivals its history?

Our selection of Gettysburg’s finest culinary companies will take you through the savory staples of this proud region. Take a deep dive into the state’s distinguished dairy indulgences From handmade ice cream to exceptional chocolate we’ve got you covered. There’s also a helping of Philly Cheesesteaks and Pennsylvania’s famous pretzels to boot!

Our local guides set everything up in advance, so there’s no more convenient way to spoil your taste buds while taking in some of the city’s stories.

Why Take A Sumptuous Stomach Survey In Gettysburg?

On our tour, you’ll have a chance to meet like-minded individuals who enjoy soaking up illustrious information nearly as much as they savor a mouthwatering meal. Naturally, Gettysburg radiates with legends from the Civil War and the various eateries have instilled the soul of the city into their enticing establishments.

Thanks to our incredible guides, you’ll learn a tale or two that you missed out on the battlefields.  Undoubtedly, you’ll get a feel for local life in Gettysburg, not to mention sampling the best grub in all of Gettysburg!

What Eateries Will We Visit On This Culinary Cruise?

  • Dobbin House Tavern
    Enjoy an array of local fresh fruits and cheeses sourced from the surrounding area while
    taking in the decor of the Dobbins House, the oldest house in Gettysburg built in 1776!
  • Gettysburg Chocolate Market
    The locally owned and operated chocolate market provides tasty sweets produced within
    the region along with a careful selection of sweets from across the globe. As the shop
    manager puts it, “We offer one-stop shopping for the best quality products.”
  • Blue & Gray Bar and Grille
    What’s a trip to Pennsylvania without a cheesesteak? Try this family-owned bar’s
    rendition while enjoying a full complement of drinks with aptly historic names.
  • Lulu’s Finest Ice Cream
    Top off the day with some handmade ice cream made with pure ingredients. Their rotating
    menu of unique and delectable flavors will surprise you. Freshly made waffle cones and
    housemade toppings aren’t to be missed!

Tour Info

Distance & Duration

Our festive foodie tour of Gettysburg covers .7 of a mile and takes you through four distinct food stops while also touching on the town’s iconic history. The tour lasts three hours and meals are included in the cost of the ticket.

Meeting Location & Parking

See your email after booking for the meeting location.  Tickets can be purchased in the Brickhouse Inn.  Parking at the Brickhouse Inn is reserved for overnight guests only.


Tours are held at various times. Please aim to arrive 10-15 minutes early to allow for traffic and parking limitations. Tours are held rain or shine and are entirely outdoors, so come prepared! Gettysburg enjoys all four seasons, so prepare for the season you’re in!


Tickets can be purchased at the Brickhouse Inn.  Tickets can also be purchased in advance on this site. You do NOT need to print your ticket nor have access to a mobile pass. Once you have completed your reservation online, you will be automatically added to the admissions list. Simply bring your ID to verify your reservation!

See our Tour Details page for more information!

Tour Note* Admission does not include the cost of drinks.

Exclusive Packages

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9 - 945am

Ultimate Battle of Gettysburg Tour
10am - 1pm

Food Tour
130 - 430pm

Civil War Ghosts Tour
8 - 930pm
(included with stay)
9 - 945am
Wonder Women In The Battle of Gettysburg
11am - 1230pm
Lunch At BrickHouse
1245 - 130pm
Gettysburg Brewery & Distillery Tour
2 - 530pm
Dinner at Dobbin House
6/630 - 730pm
Welty House Basement Ghost Hunt
10pm - 12am
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