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Gettysburg Historic Ghost Tour

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Experience The Dark And Foreboding Civil War Ghosts With Gettysburg’s Premier Ghost Tour

On our one-of-a-kind tour, we’ll cover the eerie tales behind Gettysburg’s Cemetery, the Welty House whose floor remains marred in blood and bullet holes from the battle, and the spooky spot where Jennie Wade died. Each location possesses numerous eyewitness accounts of ghosts and unexplainable noises.

No other ghostly outing better chronicles the tragic circumstances that led to so many ominous
visitors. Who knows, perhaps you’ll experience a ghostly encounter of your own!

Why Choose Us For Your Ghost Tour Of Historic Gettysburg?

Your expert guide to the supernatural will share the harrowing tales of murder and mayhem that sparked so many eyewitness reports of terrifying interactions. From the stories of woe suffered by the wards of Rosa Carmichael to the mysterious time loop of the Rupp House and Tannery, we know all the sordid secrets.

There’s no better way to learn the haunting stories of the Civil War ghosts than with our Gettysburg Ghost Tour!

What Other Haunted Locations Will We Visit?


Featured on the paranormal investigative TV shows like Sightings and The Unexplained, the Farnsworth House ranks as one of Gettysburg’s most haunted houses. The current owners heard unexplainable footsteps, scratchings, and quiet whispers upon taking residence in 1972. You’ll learn about friendly George and fiendish Walter who stalk the property.


The Brickhouse Inn stood between the Confederates and the Union armies, taking fire from all angles. You can still see the many marks of deadly wayward bullets. The accounts of paranormal activity at this location will have your hair standing on end.


Hear of the contemporary ghost stories of this hotel where testimonials range from luggage moving inexplicably, televisions turning themselves on, and even warm breath on the back of one’s neck. Even the most cynical guests have left as believers.

Tour Info

Distance & Duration

Our Gettysburg Ghost tour covers just shy of a mile and takes you through six distinctly devilish
stops. The tour lasts X amount of time and loops back to the starting point. Book our extended
tour which adds four additional spooky stops, half a mile, and X amount of time.

Meeting Location & Parking

See your email after booking for the meeting location.  Please arrive 15 minutes early.


Tours are held at various times. Please aim to arrive 10-15 minutes early to allow for traffic and parking limitations. Tours are held rain or shine and are entirely outdoors, so come prepared!
Gettysburg enjoys all four seasons, so prepare for the season you’re in!


Tickets must be purchased in advance on this site. You do NOT need to print your ticket nor have access to a mobile pass. Once you have completed your reservation online, you will be automatically added to the admissions list. Simply bring your ID to verify your reservation!

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Exclusive Packages

(included with stay)
9 - 945am

Ultimate Battle of Gettysburg Tour
10am - 1pm

Food Tour
130 - 430pm

Civil War Ghosts Tour
8 - 930pm
(included with stay)
9 - 945am
Wonder Women In The Battle of Gettysburg
11am - 1230pm
Lunch At BrickHouse
1245 - 130pm
Gettysburg Brewery & Distillery Tour
2 - 530pm
Dinner at Dobbin House
6/630 - 730pm
Welty House Basement Ghost Hunt
10pm - 12am
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